Although I’ve been a DJ for over ten years, that’s not actually the only music-related job I have. For roughly as many years, I’ve also worked as a live sound engineer and a tour manager for a few bands and musicians.

Recently, I was luckly enough to tour manage someone I’ve worked with for many years: Shane Richie (actor, presenter & musician). Here are the band and I having dinner before the show:

DJ Oli Ryan with the band

The event was for 1,200+ NHS nurses at the Liverpool Arena – so a fairly large event with many things for me, as tour manager, to organise beforehand and on the day.

My responsibilities as tour manager are many. I deal with clients, lighting designers, sound engineers, video production companies long before the actual gig – arranging details of the performance and ensuring the band have what they need for their performance. I often (as I did for this event) arrange transport, accommodation and food – the band’s ‘rider’. On the day, I liaise with event organisers, stage crew and venue staff—as well as the band, of course—to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day.

It’s a challenging and tiring job, but a fun one, too – as you’ll see…

Here’s a vlog by Shane’s keyboard player and musical director, Benjamin Bloom, about the whole thing. It’s a great insight not only into what gigs are really like—behind the scenes—for musicians, but also what my work as a tour manager entails. Enjoy!

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