Unless you’re an event organiser, promoter or venue manager, you probably won’t know exactly what to expect when you book a DJ.

I’ve written this guide to help you.

In this multi-part series of blog posts, I’ll guide you through every step of the process in detail.

The information in this guide is likely to be true of most DJs, but not all.

With that said, it should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect when you book an independent, self-employed DJ (rather than booking with an agency).

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Here’s every section of the guide in order, from how to find a DJ in the first place,to what to expect after your event has finished (I’ll turn each section into a link when I publish them).

  1. How to find a DJ
  2. Questions to ask a DJ
  3. What a DJ will ask you about your event
  4. How to confirm a DJ booking
  5. The definitive checklist for booking a DJ
  6. Liaising with a DJ before your event
  7. What to expect from DJ on the day of your event
  8. What a DJ does when your event has finished

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